IGONC Hall of Fame

IGONC Hall of Fame

IGONC feels it is important to honor those whose efforts go above and beyond, both in their community, and in their industry.

IGO Hall of Fame Inaugural Inductees 


2018 Inductee

Jimmie Robertson


2017 Inductees

Mike Byer Terry Finley
Don Griffin Bob Pulverenti

2009 Inductees

Roy Orr Bryan Davis
Buck Burke T. Fred Terry
B. Frank Williams Troy B Byrd
Archie Deal Roy Tunstall
A Linwood King Leon Shearin
Billy Fritts James Bayliff
C. Linwood Braswell William Kaufmann
William Hanner Norman Burke
Lewis Edminston Julian Yarborough
CO Oak Wilson Fred Piper
Jack Troutman James Long Jr
Harvey L Davis Boyd Hedrick
Roy Mustin Curtis Allred
Jim Redwine James Piper Jr
Clarence Martin Douglas Pritchard
Bob May Billy Jenkins
Chris Dameron Mervin Cloninger
Tom Smith Charlie Bondurant
John Hill Tommy Carrol
Clyde Cummings Harry Hill
Dean Bailey Tim Lasley
Bobby Dunn Moe Stanley
Gary Summerfield AC Guarino
James Allen Matt Bowman
Darrell Newman David Lee