Manufacturers Call on Nine States with Electric Vehicle Mandates to Help Increase Sales

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (Auto Alliance) has sent letters to the governors of the nine states following California’s Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate encouraging them to also follow California’s lead in adopting measures that can help increase sales, including investing in infrastructure, developing consumer incentives and committing to buy ZEVs for state and local government fleets.

In 2017, ZEVs represented 1.15 percent of total sales nationwide, or about 190,000 vehicles out of 17.1 million new vehicles sold. By 2025, under the California mandate, sales of ZEVs are required to be 15.4 percent of total sales.

The states are Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont.

According to the association, vehicle manufacturers have invested substantially in zero-emission vehicles, including plug-in electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles, and have a big stake in selling them in large numbers.

“The last thing we want to see is a zero emission vehicle sitting unsold on a dealer’s lot. We support all efforts — education, consumer incentives, more charging stations, more state fleet purchases — to get these vehicles on the road,” state the Alliance statement.

As of June 11, there are 58 ZEV models on sale, including 34 plug-in hybrids, 21 battery electric, and 3 hydrogen fuel cells, according to the Department of Energy.

By 2021, the Alliance expects 80 models of ZEVs on sale, and action now by ZEV states are important to increase sales and help reach the ZEV target.

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