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All Three Systems: Refinish Impact Bars – Refinishing of impact bars/bumper reinforcements is a not-included operation in all three estimating systems.


Mitchell/Audatex may have a labor value available in the database to select from.


CCC/MOTORS does not provide labor values for this operation for the following reason:

Estimated Release Date: Closed

Proposed Resolution: MOTOR stated:

After review, MOTOR has determined that paint found on factory-installed impact bars is an artifact of the factory refinish process (over-spray). Impact bars may come from the factory refinished in various stages of completeness and quality.

MOTOR does not take the position that the impact bar should not be returned to pre-accident condition. However, determining the estimated work time to refinish impact bars in various stages of completeness and quality, if refinished at all, is best left up to the judgment of estimators using an on-the-spot evaluation.



All Three Systems: Welding Supply Consumables – Labor for welded panel installation does not include the consumable materials needed when welding. Examples of consumables for welding may include the following:

  • Welding wire (Bohler Union x96, Brazing wire, Er70s-6, OEM Specific Alu wire, etc.)
  • Shielding gas
  • Welding tips
  • Cost of OEM-specific welding coupons
  • Coatings required by OEM for welding
  • Spark deflection material
  • Labor for protecting the vehicle from welding and sparks



All Three Systems: Tinting Primer Sealer – Some paint manufacturers may require a tinted primer sealer to help achieve better coverage/transparency of the basecoat.


The labor to tint the sealer is NOT INCLUDED in the refinish time of applying sealer to new, undamaged panels prior to basecoat. Material costs associated with tinting sealer are NOT INCLUDED in labor allowances.



All Three Systems: Road Testing for Diagnostic and Repairs – road testing/test driving a vehicle for diagnostic purposes or to road test a vehicle after repairs are complete is NOT INCLUDED in all three estimating systems.


Road test is only included to verify alignment after completion.


Some vehicle OEMs may require this process to reinitialize the vehicle after scanning and calibration is complete to ensure the vehicle systems are functioning properly.


Considerations for road testing may require cost of fuel as well as vehicle owner approval.




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