Audatex – Flex Additive Materials NOT INCLUDED

Some repairers may experience a bill payer stating that “Flex additive Materials are included in Audatex”. To clarify this topic, Audatex users should reference the following information in Audatex DBRM guide to clarify the following information on Flex Additive Materials: On Page 43 Section 4-2 Labor exclusions: “Refinish Materials are NOT INCLUDED in Audatex Refinish Labor Values” […]

The Ultimate Technician Pay Guide

Article from AutoFixSOS and also featured on Ratchet + Wrench This statement may or may not be too surprising, for the proof is in the industry’s staggering technician shortage, with some reports showing that, by 2026, the industry will be over 46,000 technicians short. But, there is one element that the former statistic proves: the […]

Supercharge Your Auto Repair Business

By: Bryan Jewett, AutoFixSOS Running an automotive business is an extremely tough job. It seems even tougher to make money while doing it. Margins can be low, repairing modern makes and models is a science, finding great team members is daunting, and keeping car count numbers up is difficult. Sounds fun, right?  In the midst […]

Hillman Shop Update

After raising over $20,000 to help Hillman Family Automotive after a shop fire, Ben Hillman is beginning to rise from the ashes. “It has not been easy,” says Hillman, “the last three months have been a challenge, but we are still working, and everything will be okay.” Hillman Family Automotive has been up and running […]

Making the Most of It

We all know too well how it began. For me I was in Daytona for the American Flat Track Racing TT Race where I have some pretty good connections and a “best seats in the house” kind of thing going on. It began that practice would be limited to riders only. That changed into we’re […]

Federal agency raises concerns about Mass. right-to-repair ballot question

  Car manufacturers have found a formidable ally in their fight against the new “right to repair” ballot question in Massachusetts: the federal government. A top official at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sent a detailed letter to the cochairmen of the Legislature’s consumer protection committee this week, raising concerns about the ballot question and its potentially adverse […]

SCRS Successfully Advocates to Preserve the 1963 Consent Decree

SCRS Successfully Advocates to Preserve the 1963 Consent Decree Mechanicsville, Virginia, August 13, 2020 – The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) has received assurances from contacts in the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and Senate Judiciary Committee that the agreement in U.S. v. Association of Casualty and Surety Companies, et al (1963 Consent Decree) […]

Estimating Tips – Collision

Estimating Tips CCC: Adhesive Wheel Opening Moldings (Audi Q5) – Inquiry 16513 “Note: The Wheel Opening Molding is standard equipment on the S-Line and SQ5 model Bumper Covers. MOTOR only lists the Wheel Opening Moldings in those bumper groups. The estimated work time is for installation only and is included with R&R and Overhaul.“ In […]

You’ll Never Have To Sit Through Such Again

You’ll Never Have To Sit Through Such Again By: John Hill   “I promise I will never have you folks sit through another presentation like yesterday…………….I deeply apologize”. Those were the words spoken to us by our events organizer. We were in Savannah, Georgia just a few years ago where over ninety progressive thinking shop […]